Wood guitar choose what is good?
Date: 2019-08-30
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The stand or fall of a guitar on select material that is often separated. So what kind of wood is suitable for making the guitar? And what kind of wood will have any impact on tone? For each performer, how to choose a sound sex suits own guitar or bass is an important issue. We choose the material of several common to talk about below.

1. The Alder 
Alder is a common wood, it's very light weight. Fender strats were configured is the application of Alder, its tone is very clean, warm, midway through the high clear particles is clear, though not like mahogany thick effect but the unique high frequency band is also very attractive. Generally speaking, the color of the alder for tan, don't have much obvious grain. Alder processing is not suitable for transparent appearance. 

2. The Ash 
Ash is usually divided into two kinds: the north (hard) and south (soft). Hard because ash has very good hardness, bright timbre and good fermata effect and welcomed. Swamp ash (also known as soft ash) is more soft and hard tone than ash more warm, fruity. Many of the 50 s Fender are produced by using it, in the Telecaster series can often see it. The two different wood has a relatively clear grain, it is need to have a lot of paint to seal on them. In addition, it is very suitable for transparent surface treatment.

3. The Maple 
Maple wood is often used to make the neck and fingerboard, and most often been debated, one of the most popular material. Maple is very easy to recognize, it sound light bright, good fermata effect and compact bass, unique and grain weight is moderate; In addition, it is very durable. It has the hardness of hard ash almost, not easy to distort, but it is much easier to handle. But the market is not simply to maple do the body, of the reason is the tone will have a bright so that high frequency is too sharp, and so on other commonly maple wood collocation to adjust the high frequency. Such as independent luthier John suhr custom standard bodies have used ash collocation maple.

4. Mahogany 
Mahogany and density is very similar to the weight of the maple, and mahogany tone more in the round, warm. Mahogany is not a very good sound effects, but do not apply paint. Gibson Les Paul guitar Honduras mahogany wood makes is chosen mostly; PRS also extensive use of mahogany as material for the body. But simply use mahogany, high-frequency often is not enough, so on rock musicians like models are often labeled as maple make up high frequencies. Acoustic guitar is also often use mahogany to reinforcing of acoustic resonance. Mahogany production is very few, therefore made of mahogany wood guitar price is on the high side.

5. Rosewood 
Rosewood is one of the heaviest wood, made of rosewood Strat the rim will be more than 6 pounds, and jean body of the Strat itself is relatively small. Its tone is warm, though some high frequency will be weakened, but three frequency bands are average and grain. Because of its weight is heavy, the price is high, rosewood is usually only used in production refers to the board; It is also commonly used in advanced acoustic guitar on the side of the back of such as Lakewood J32, Larrivee LV10 and Martin D45. The world is the Brazilian rosewood best - color is good, clear voice, feel is smooth, just the price does not poor. In recent years, a sharp drop in production relations, rosewood origin gradually moved to other countries such as India.

6. Misspellings 
Walnut produced in North America, the color is deeper, on piano does not see more, the use of voice quality features and hardness between mahogany, maple, maple tone than the more warm, some, have better sound effects. Taylor acoustic guitar companies have an independent representatives of W series is the use of walnut, 12 string guitar W65 ofobesity walnut, colour is also very impressive.

7. Basswood 
Basswood is a kind of very light wood, and even more light than alder. Basswood, very soft, so try not to let it hit. In addition, basswood are not suitable for use in a transparent paint, basswood tone is very warm and soft. Ibanez JS series of multi-purpose basswood.

8. Ebony 
Ebony is also called the ebony, is often used to make plate. Ebony is very heavy, deep color, almost no pores like rosewood, long play ebony because the oil properties, the color will be more black and charming. Its tone is warm, clear grain, portamento effects and durability are excellent. Japanese name factory ESP there are quite a few models are ebony chosen as the fingerboard.

So much of the wood, and choose difficult syndrome, right? Actually like to buy anything, you have to want to know what is the purpose of you? Pick guitar, if you want to is you want to tone is what? According to their own needs to choose a guitar.
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